Meeting Beyond Imagination | Ont-moeting voorbij de Verbeelding

‘To see one must go beyond the imagination and for that one must stand absolutely still as though in the center of a leap.’      – John Cage, in: Silence, Lectures and Writings


16 November i performed SILENT DANCES at the beautiful Uilenburgersjoel in Amsterdam. In this performance my main area of attention was ‘meeting in stillness’. In my wish to meet the audience in stillness in order to become aware of and share a sense of equality, i wanted more attention on what meeting means and how i could make what could perhaps be called ‘the act of meeting’ the audience more obvious and less optional. But not pushed either, inviting. In a space that brings together, but also offers openness.

Ont-moeting, maar tegelijkertijd niet vrijblijvend, maar noodzakelijk.  Zonder te dwingen. In een ruimte die samenbrengt en ook openheid biedt.


I had exchanges with actress Abke Haring. It shifted my attention on the broader sense of an open empty (full) space of stillness to the more direct inclusion of the audience by looking them in the eyes and welcoming them, inviting them in and then keeping us together throughout the piece. Offering and finding space and connection. It was quite a shift from earlier performances. It also seemed natural to take as a next step. I loved the connections. It was moving and affected the dance and its choreography too.


In the rehearsal time before, i also had another individual training with tai chi teacher Martin Klett, with attention to ‘yi’ and the sword form. Intention and precision. This is powerful to me and brings me somehow to another way of working more direct. Clarity of form and intention.

De noodzaak iets te zeggen. En het te zeggen. Zo helder mogelijk.

It is not about me as a performer. Can we meet in a way through the dance where you can meet yourself in the performance? And then, could we move beyond ourselves? Could we be in stillness, see in stillness, beyond the imagination, of ourselves and of ‘the other’?

Het publiek te ontmoeten door middel van de dans zodat je als publiek ook jezelf ontmoet. Het gaat niet om mij als performer. En kunnen we gedurende de voorstelling voorbij onszelf gaan? Kunnen we in de stilte zijn, in de stilte zien, voorbij de verbeelding van onszelf of ‘de ander’?

This way, did we get closer to the shared sense of equality in this piece?


Photos: Sara Anke Morris, 2018, Uilenburgersjoel, Amsterdam


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