Stillness & Musicality


Today i continued working in the studio again, tuning in towards sharing where i am at now with the work, on 14th July at Belcampo 20:30 / Belcampo

You can now find the trailer online

As part of this trajectory on stillness i have sessions with three musicians: Ab Baars, Wilbert de Joode and this week with Michael Moore. We’re exchanging about the roles of silence and stillness in musical composition, ways of working, and compositional approaches. My wish to do this comes from the realization that when i leave everything else out and ‘only’ let the dance remain, the musicality of the dance becomes even more important, especially in working with silence. The presentation 14 July will include findings, workings, playings with what has been shared in these exchanges with the musicians.

SILENT DANCES front 10,7x15

14 July / Belcampo / Hannie Dankbaarpassage 10, De Hallen, naast de OBA / 20:30 / entrance 10 euros / reservations: Belcampo /

This night will start with a solo, followed by a duet with Julyen Hamilton / no break

More info on the trajectory and project on my website

(c) Photo Lily by: Sara Anke Morris



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